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Budget and Action Plan


Our Final Proposed 2023 Budget and 2023-2024 Action Plan is now available. It will be presented to our board of directors in a public meeting on December 16 along with a summary of public comments and explanations of how those comments were considered as we revised our draft budget.  

The Final Proposed 2023 Budget and 2023-2024 Action Plan are designed to help utility customers and communities in Oregon and Southwest Washington save energy and generate renewable power—including efforts to improve reliability and resiliency of the electric grid. We seek to expand our offers and approaches to reach communities of color, customers with lower incomes and rural communities who haven’t benefitted in the past. 

Thank you to all who took the time to review and provide feedback—and check back here in January for highlights from our final approved 2023 budget. 

Download the Final Proposed 2023 Budget and 2023–2024 Action Plan: 

Video highlights of our draft budget

Watch a video of Executive Director Michael Colgrove highlighting key strategies and takeaways from the draft 2023 budget and two-year action plan.